Dear Corvallis:

We cannot lose the Red, White and Blue Riverfront Festival. I understand that the Downtown Corvallis Association is unable to continue it, so I have started the Corvallis Freedom Celebration Initiative to adopt the event. Every Fourth of July, every community around America celebrates our nation's birthday. It is indispensable to Corvallis; at least it should be.

I am proud of the work that the Downtown Corvallis Association has done the past 25 years and will be asking for their help in having a smooth transition for a successful 2019 celebration. I believe this event can be sustainable through sponsors and vendors in the future but with little time to plan I am asking for help. I'm calling on residents, businesses, and the city to help make the transition not just possible but better.

It is true that the festival has experienced decreased interest in recent years. With your help we can make it unique and exclusive in representing Corvallis as the great community it is. We can create a festival that reflects the diversity and passion of the people here. Show ourselves and others why we love it here and celebrate that together. Make one day where we are united and not divided.

Please donate at GoFundMe.com to the Corvallis Freedom Celebration Initiative or Sign the petition at thepetitionsite.com demanding the Corvallis City Council vote to approve funds to ensure the 2019 organizational transition of the festival (I understand that the city was a past sponsor). Thank you, my fellow citizens; you inspire me to do this.

Frank Clark

Corvallis (Feb. 13)

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