It has come to my attention, as I am sure it has for many in Corvallis. that Mayor Biff Traber and Oregon State University President Ed Ray have it in their minds to destroy the livability of Corvallis. They continue to try and wipe out the open green space on the east side of campus and erect dorms. This even after the majority of folks have said "No!" But Biff and Ed think they know better than the folks in Corvallis. What really irks me is that the folks of Corvallis voted in Biff, but for some reason he continues to betray the trust of us voters! What the heck! Is it possible to recall our mayor? He certainly should not be in office if he betrays the trust of the majority of voters!

However, I propose a plan that would take care of the problem! I was driving down 30th Avenue on the west side of campus when I noticed what Ed Ray would probably call an eyesore! That horrible open space in the center of 30th! Ed Ray should have those "horrible" trees cut down and erect "beautiful" dorms there. They could be four or five stories high with parking underneath! That way Ed Ray could have his beautiful dorms and leave the open space on the east side of campus alone! Are you listening, Ed Ray?

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John Larsen

Corvallis (Sept. 4)

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