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I went to the county commissioner debate last night and found it very informative. I didn’t see the Gazette-Times Where were you? I learned many years ago, after approaching our county commissioners on a child-care initiative, how important local elections are. I was surprised to find the commissioner debate wasn’t covered by the G-T while the mayoral debate was. Both were held in the same room on the same night. What’s up?

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready for fall elections. I’m ready to vote for an honorable person who’s in it for the community not himself or herself. I’m ready to vote for someone who doesn’t tow party lines, is clear and specific on issues, and cares about Benton County, not just Corvallis. Hearing what all the candidates had to say helped reinforce what I thought, so I’m ready to vote. After watching the most recent debate, I’m convinced Max Mania is sincerely committed to all Benton County residents. By far, he’s the candidate with the most experience and most prepared to be our county commissioner. I have no doubt Max is not afraid to work tirelessly for all of us. I really do believe he’s the real deal. I’m ready to vote for Max Mania, and I hope you are too. For more information on Max go to

Susan Burke

Corvallis (Oct. 6)

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