Sravya Tadepalli got a few things wrong in her letter of April 1 titled “Vaccine Concerns Don’t Add Up.”

First, no mention was made of homeopathy or nosodes in opposition arguments to House Bill 3063 at Rep. Rayfield’s March 23 community coffee.

Second, according to the FDA, ethylmercury (in thimerosal) is still used in the trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccines, and in certain vaccines containing diphtheria and tetanus toxoids.

Third, people do not forgo vaccination (or use an alternative schedule) because they “believe in crystal therapy.” They make their decisions for valid reasons, such as 1) their child is vulnerable to vaccine injury; 2) the safety of the CDC schedule as a whole has not been studied; 3) some vaccines are riskier and/or less effective than others; 4) they have religious objections to vaccines.

Last, while it’s true that an illness can “potentially kill Mary’s kid,” it’s also true that a vaccine can potentially kill “Lucy’s kid.” For example, in the past 20 years, the CDC has received reports of 12 deaths from measles and 183 deaths from measles vaccines (MMR, MMRV). Should we be prioritizing protection from illness over protection from vaccine injury? And whose rights are more deeply violated by mandates such as HB3063 — the child who might be exposed to a “deadly disease” in school or the child who must be exposed to a deadly vaccine in order to gain access to that same school? Our legislators need to do better. No on HB3063!

Peter Ringo

Corvallis (April 8)

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