Our national politics is awash in bile, venom and thuggish behavior, as well as ludicrous double standards — and recent events show Oregon’s not immune. Nationwide, Trumpists cheer unilateral executive actions by a president who lost the popular vote, and support dubious and dictatorial end-runs around Congress to use our tax money for a border wall boondoggle (for which we were promised Mexico would pay).

But ironically, here in Oregon, many of those same Trumpists are angry at Gov. Kate Brown — popularly elected less than a year ago — for even contemplating strong executive action on climate change (an issue on which she ran), and for not caving in to the minority’s delaying tactic of forcing every piece of legislation they dislike to be reapproved at the ballot box. (Oddly, the standard right-wing talking point claiming “this is a republic, not a democracy” is nowhere to be heard in this context, presumably because it’s not politically convenient).

We have a governor who’s using her legal powers to fight for all our futures — including for her electoral mandate on climate change action—and a Republican state senator, Brian Boquist, who was so unhinged by these efforts that he threatened violence against state police and fellow legislators. Guess which one the Republicans are working to recall, and which one they refuse to hold accountable? The answer says it all about the hypocrisy, moral cowardice, thuggery, and enabling of dangerous, corrupt behavior pushed by the former “Republican” — now Trumpist — party, in Oregon and nationally.

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Callan Sullivan

Corvallis (July 30)

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