The Republican Party as we have known it for generations has been lost and then sold out to our current president who has not upheld the values, principles and policies that Republicans have fought for throughout its history. Any president, regardless of their position on the political spectrum, who would constantly lie, surround himself with incompetent and corrupt appointees, and who would undermine the very foundations of our democracy, must be held accountable and impeached.

The call to impeach this president should not be viewed as an attack on our good patriotic Republicans who have been integral to the functioning of our two-party system, but a call to them to rise up to save the soul of their party, to reclaim its values, so that it can regain the respect it has lost. Whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise, we all must unite now for the sake of our country, call an end to this mudslinging, and shout down this hateful polarizing of our politics that is so destructive and incapacitating. When we come together and demand it, we will get our democracy back. If not, heaven will not help us and we will have hell to pay. My fellow Americans, please heed the call.

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John Swanson

Corvallis (Sept. 25)

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