As I see it, another American Revolution is at stake. I am not saying a violent revolution but a revolution of moral values. One of the most quoted and important phrases of the early American Revolution was stated by Thomas Jefferson when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence that, “all men are created equal.”

However, I believe that Jefferson left out a word or two. The word, “women,” and especially in today’s hateful discourse, women of color.

The 14th Amendment might have included a word or two to clarify this lack of “equality.” But it seems some so called patriotic souls have not read their Constitution or simply choose to ignore it for their own political purposes.

I hope the next American Revolution occurs at the ballot box in 2020. And that the present angry push toward racism and fascism in our nation will be overthrown by honesty, decency, civility and a higher moral value than what we see in the White House today.

For now though all I can say is, “Power to the Women,” and especially to the women of color who are constitutionally elected representatives in our nation. They also live under the First Amendment, free speech, without fear of being told to “love it or leave it.” They too are patriots.

Phil Plaza

Alsea (July 26)

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