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Anne Loewen's letter on June 13 was a great response to the commissioners' decision to pull the county's "small" contribution to the men's cold weather shelter. Why can the county afford $600,000 to a museum building and $500,000 for a deserted railroad but nothing for a shelter?

Over the years we went to the museum at Oregon State University. It was not a multimillion-dollar building but it was still interesting. There was a farmer who bid on the railroad to use in his farm business that the county outbid for the land. There are homeless people in the United States who die from the cold winters each year. Which of the three items is most important to the commissioners: railroad, museum or a person's life?

As for the proposal to use the Flomatcher building: In the last couple of years there was a young girl and a young man killed on the highway going out toward the Flomatcher building. That is not a good place for the homeless.

A place to house all three organizations in one location makes a lot more sense.

Louise Shaw

Corvallis (July 1)

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