Make the City Council and city manager live up to their words. We taxpayers were promised by the City Council and city manager that the Osborn Aquatic Center would be self supporting if the City took it over from the Corvallis School district. Ditto for the Majestic Theatre.

But alas, the City Council and city manager came up with another promise: the local option levy. But again we were promised that the levy would only be needed one time (three years ).

That would be all the time they needed to get the budget under control and live with their permanent tax rate. Fast-forward mome years. I get a slick mail piece from our city leaders about the dire cuts that will occur if we don’t renew the supposedly one time levy for the third time. Yes, the self-supporting Osborn Center and Majestic Theatre will close. The Chintimini Senior Center will close. When did the Senior Center budget depend on levy funds to totally fund it?

Our library will go down the drain! Ditto for the parks. What does the permanent tax rate pay for? salary and city pension costs? Also, last fall the City Council passed the safety fee, although conveniently it won't show up in your bill until July, but will increase your bill up to 25 percent.

Make the council rethink its priorities. You can bet if it fails, there would be another vote by November, hopefully with fewer threats of closures.

Brian Cox

Corvallis (March 30)

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