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I want to second Mr. Buzz Berra's opinion about the mug shots as news. The old worn-out, concretized, out-of-date idea that bad news sells newspapers has had its day. In this age when the darkness is all around us we need inspiration and modeling of something way higher than mug shots.

As I go about this city on bicycle, every single day I see acts of kindness, friendliness, compassion. Get your reporters out onto the streets of this good town and scratch the surface of those who are walking it's streets. You will find saints among us.

I ran into a deputy sheriff the other day hiking in Mac Forest with his friend who works in the city jail. They were an inspiration to me.

Break this cycle of negative reporting and shine the light on kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, light and hope. We have had way too many years of the other. I for one, am finished with it. If not now, when? Have the guts to switch your gears and do so.

Suzy Conway

Corvallis (Nov. 26)

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