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I think John Frohnmayer‘s recent “As I See Tt” column was probably the most partisanly hysterical diatribe by someone who was passed off to us as being a respected authority because he also happens to be a former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Vietnam veteran; using the later status to prove his patriotic bona-fides in explaining how due process, a foundation of American jurisprudence, should only be afforded to people who fit his politics. The rest of his column was simply embarrassing and clearly ideologically motivated.

His views are apparently: All white males, including him, are guilty of white privilege and all women should be believed, again providing the charge is leveled at people he has ideological differences with.

His credentials are used supposedly, to lend credibility to the same unhinged accusations of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; making him out to be a multiple sex offender off a single person's 30-year-old hazy recollection alone. To Frohnmayer that’s all the due process a white male who happens to be a conservative need receive. Frohnmayer then goes on to decry the idea of victimhood status as if that weren’t a staple of modern left-wing social weapons arsenal.

What did Dr. Ford seek to gain? Frohnmayer asks, forgetting Ford was thrown into the ring for a purpose; then abandoned swiftly after fulfilling that purpose. Frohnmayer goes on to exhort all of us to work together in a nonpartisanship manner for the common good.

Please. Spare me.

Harry Mallory

Corvallis (Nov. 7)

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