We’re told “Vaccines were the greatest health advance of the 20th century,” to which I would add, “Coke is the real thing,", “Donald Trump is women’s best friend,” and “Fox News is fair and balanced”.

Why do they say that? To compensate for the fact that Fox News is not “fair and balanced” but heavily tainted and unbalanced.

Trump defines hypocrisy.

Is Coke real? Well, Coke is real sweet, real caffeinated, real acidic, and real bad for you, but you’re not drinking it for health, right?

It’s a quick sugar and caffeine fix. Coke is better used as degreasing agent, like Montana oilfield workers do, not as a beverage scouring our intestines, for pleasure.

Many public beliefs about health care products, practices, and paradigms come directly from corporate marketing schemes, attempts to indoctrinate an often undiscriminating or lazy public dumbed-down to watching what’s on TV — maybe not really believing but accepting it as norm, which may soon appear in the refrigerator.

You can say anything, like “vaccines don’t cause autism” but repeating it like a marketing slogan or mantra doesn’t make it true, false, or anything else. However, repeating a “Big Lie” can create recognition, acceptance, and/or adherence as an early purveyor of the technique, Adolf Hitler, intended it.

There’s plenty of evidence vaccines are a major cause of autism, plus associated with the Eugenics movement. Historically, autism’s rise in the early 1940s here and post-WWII worldwide is strongly linked with the infamous pertussis vaccine.

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (March 22)

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