I was a bit amused at Rebecca Stillwell’s response (in the Aug. 23 newspaper) to my letter. Though I must say she has some interesting fantasies. To imagine people wildly shooting AR-15s in a Walmart is a bit over the top even for a liberal. (As an aside, the left’s fetish with AR-15s is an interesting subject which we can discuss later.) She might also consider that the reason phrases become clichés is that they are succinct, accurate descriptions of reality. Actually quite handy things.

I was, however, disappointed that in her answer she ignored (perhaps deliberately?) my main point. It may be I did not make myself sufficiently clear. So to restate and reiterate:

A. In the 1950s guns were much more readily available than they are now.

B. In the entire decade of the 1950s there was only one mass shooting.

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So the question is, if availability of guns is the problem, please explain why, in an entire decade when they were more freely available than now, there was only that one, single, mass shooting.

That’s the question. Please confine your answer to just that question.

Jonathan Hayes

Corvallis (Aug. 25)

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