Once again I feel the need to respond to a letter from Harry Mallory!

First, I was defending Trayvon Martin's mother, not Trayvon. What I said was she has a right to speak on gun violence, given that her son was shot and killed by someone with a gun. That is a fact. Was it truly self-defense? We will never know. We only have his word for that.

Mr. Mallory has a right to his opinion, as do I, although he did try to defend George Zimmerman. I guess he thought being told by a 911 operator not to follow was OK to ignore. But then, he was the one with a gun.

I looked up the case again because Mr. Mallory said George was returning to his car when he was attacked by Trayvon; it looks more like the path Trayvon was on led him toward Zimmerman and his vehicle. Zimmerman then proceeded to follow Trayvon; Trayvon was not following George.

As I also said, the courts don't always get it right; juries don't always get it right. We have a very imperfect judicial system. The lack of evidence with only the surviving witness, who is the accused, would make a case hard to prove.

Trayvon may not have been an angel, but we know George is not either. He's just the one still alive.

Sandra Schomberg

Corvallis (Feb. 5)

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