In 2016, we voted down a $2 billion sales tax, Measure 97. Now the Democratic supermajority in the Legislature has passed House Bill 3427, a similar measure, to add $2 billion in sales taxes and somehow the Legislature has denied voters the ability to put it on the ballot, so we can't vote on it. In 2014, we voted down Measure 88, which would have given driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Now the Legislature has passed House Bill 2015 allowing just that, again without voter approval and in spite of voter disapproval.

If results at the ballot box are longer meaningful in Oregon, I guess that means we are no longer a democracy. Ironically then, a government dominated by the Democratic Party is no longer a democracy, but what? An oligarchy? Plato has written: "Democracy passes into despotism." Gov. Kate Brown repeatedly overriding the will of the people and planning to do so again, certainly qualifies as a despot.

Assuming we want to be a democracy, as I assume most of us do, what do we have to do to become a democracy again? I don't know, but if our elected officials will not adhere to the will of the people, the people will have to rise up and reclaim their rights.

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Jay Burreson

Corvallis (Aug. 22)

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