Just to add some factual information to Jeff Barden’s letter of Aug. 26, concerning PERS distribution of excess earnings to PERS members during the 1990s ... PERS members who received those earnings are now paying it all back. Jeff, you forgot to mention this. Hmmm.

Us greedy baby boomers who received an irresponsible transfer of wealth are having deductions from our excessive PERS retirement to pay back those earnings. My retirement of the outrageous amount of $1,000 a month is being reduced by over $30 a month. I have no idea how long this will go on but so far PERS has reduced my retirement every month for at least three years. Probably more than that. I just can’t remember.

Due to my PERS, I am living high on the hog, as they say and with every conceivable luxury. Why I even have enough to pay for a pizza once every six months. Hats off to you for pointing out these evil earnings. Just remember to tell the rest of the story.

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Yvonne Mccallister

Corvallis (Aug. 30)

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