Corvallis is a friendly and homey city in which to live. We have lovely parks, beautiful buildings and a downtown that seems to be doing well. The Farmers Market, the Benton County Fair, and a host of other festivals and events make for an attractive city overall.

However, I have long felt that the bus system is a problem. I have talked with others who agree with me that the buses and the transit center do not feel safe, particularly in the afternoon. I have seen the list of rules posted on each bus about what is acceptable behavior on the buses and at the transit center, but I have not seen them enforced. I have seen erratic behavior that borders on threatening. We have folks who hog extra space and are loud and rude to other passengers. Several times I have seen dogs on the bus who are obviously not service dogs even though that is the claim by the passenger. The bus driver’s responsibility is the safety of all the riders, not just the few who don’t know how to behave properly according to the rules that Corvallis Transit itself has set.

If we are to promote Corvallis as a friendly and caring and beautiful place in which to live, perhaps it is time to enforce those behavior rules that Corvallis Transit has posted and remove the rule breakers from the bus permanently.

There are other options like Uber, taxis, Dial-a-Bus and the kindness of your friends. The bus may be free, but the anxiety of feeling unsafe on the bus isn’t worth it. Maybe it is time to go back to having bus fares so that the bus system can be maintained to a level that helps promote Corvallis.

Marian Ely

Corvallis (April 29)

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