The Republican Senate has seen its dream come true. President Trump is the tool through which it's able to realize its long-term goals; a) systematically remove any obstacle to further enriching themselves and the 0.1% such as environmental, health, safety, financial and other regulations, b) increase tax cuts and increase federal oil/industrial/agricultural subsidies and, c) cutting or eliminating anything that they and the 0.1% don’t need or use such as; health insurance, food stamps, housing subsidies, national parks, educational funding, municipal pools, libraries, WIC, day care subsidies, Medicaid etc. (and for those Trump supporters who don’t believe me just see the list of executive orders on the Federal Register, not Fake News!).

After all, the rich live in gated communities, send their kids to private schools, have their own doctors, swim in their own pools, use golf courses instead of parks, have their own cooks, hire nannies, have private libraries in their homes and all the other privileges of being wealthy.

The important thing to understand is that this is a comprehensive and intentional strategy to achieve these goals. Trump isn’t smart enough to know where to look in federal programs and regulations to impose his executive orders. Others are doing that for him. And they know Trump is the gift they’ve been looking for so they better do it quickly before he is impeached or has a heart attack from all his burgers. Republican senators like Mark Hatfield must be rolling in their graves.

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Fred Hughes

Corvallis (Sept. 6)

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