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President Trump gives himself an A-plus being the president of the United States, while having a “very high level of intelligence.” Meanwhile he uses his “gut” to understand the economy.

Perhaps it was his “gut” that allowed him to use questionable Russian monies in order to keep him solvent after four bankruptcies. However, there are many different types of intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is comprised of the following key elements: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills or awareness and relationship management.

However, I am not sure Trump took any Wharton School (of business) courses which offered the skills necessary for the development of emotional intelligence. My own “gut” feeling is that after nearly two years in office Trump, deserves an F, or a failing grade, for emotional intelligence.

Regarding Trump’s self-awareness, his less-than-humble statement of a “very high level of intelligence,” is painful to hear. As to self-regulation, Trump’s Twitter accounts notwithstanding, numerous accusations of infidelities continue to haunt him. With respect to social skills, Trump’s reactions such as cyberbullying and labeling others with derogatory names are par for his course.

Trump’s relationship management skills are exhibited by the unprecedented staff turnover at the White House. Finally, Trump’s lack of empathy toward our military and their families, toward refugees who are of another ethnicity or religion and for those who have faced disasters from Puerto Rico to California, Trump is sadly failing, deserving an F. He needs to go back to school.

Phil Plaza

Alsea (Nov. 28)

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