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As usual, Leo Quirk laments the "lack of evidence" for what I said in my recent column, "A Mistake of Biblical Proportions." If he wants evidence, he should read my article as it appeared on, which included links to some "evidence." My evidence for Mr. Trump's "good instincts" on this one particular matter (separation of parents from children) was news reports, including one in The New York Times, which is hardly a Trump fan. Perhaps Mr Quirk thinks it was fake news?

As for "evidence," Mr. Quirk's letter provides ample evidence that he is prone to jump to outlandish generalizations on the basis of totally inadequate evidence. Nothing in my commentary suggested that Trump is an "arch-humanitarian" or that I have "experienced a change of heart about Trump." If anything, my distaste for Mr. Trump has increased since I wrote columns saying I would not vote for him for dogcatcher and that he lacked a presidential temperament.

Like all human beings, Mr. Trump is a mixture of good and bad ideas and approaches, and I do not think it is necessary to claim he is all bad just because he is so bad. If he can pull off a rapprochement with North Korea, for example, he may actually contribute something positive to the world. Just as it took a red-baiter like Richard Nixon to reverse American policy towards China, it may take a bull in the political china shop to fix our relations with North Korea.

Paul deLespinasse

Corvallis (June 29)

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