Donald Trump refers positively to relationships with the world’s most depraved dictators — North Korea’s Kim Il Song, who had a political opponent chemically attacked at an international airport; Vladimir Putin, a megalo-billionaire tyrant in Russia, whose operatives traveled to England and poisoned a former Russian intelligence officer and his daughter; and the Saudi royal family, whose air force is mercilessly bombing the very poor and virtually defenseless country of Yemen, killling thousands of children —and now the Saudi royal family is center of international attention for brutally killing a prominent critic and independent journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, supposedly a refuge of safety for conducting personal and country business and diplomacy.

The close and enthusiastic identification by Trump with these three abominable regimes is even more striking considering his lack of good relations with leaders of western democracies in Europe, Canada, and elsewhere — and attempted assassinations by these three dictatorships of their own citizens on foreign soil while Trump occupies the helm of the world’s most influential power.

Then, pipe bombs addressed to 10 Democratic leaders, a behavior aligning positively with Trump’s verbiage and physical choreographing of violence at home plus a pattern of involvement with abominably corrupt characters, while pretending innocence, but energetically using the resulting controversy to build public stature and advance his perverted political agenda. Beware: Trump is one wily and dangerous man.

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (Oct. 26)

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