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In his recent letter to the editor, Royce Cantrell would have us believe that there was more than one idiot who caused the government shutdown. Wrong. It was all President "I'd be proud to cause a shutdown" Trump.

If I read Mr. Cantrell correctly, he would have been happy for the Democrats to give Trump the money for the wall, even though it isn't necessary, is a waste of taxpayers' money and it was extortion!

The shutdown could have been stopped, had the idiot-in-charge been willing to admit that he was wrong, but it was clear that he did not care about anyone but himself and he was worried how he would appear (weak).

Whatever pay and benefits that the lawmakers got was already decided, and, had the Republicans grown some, they would have said, "Enough of this lost cause, we're hurting no one but the people!" They didn't. He didn't. I'm all for anyone who will not give in to an immature brat of a president who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, no matter who gets hurt.

"Both sides lack the inability to think," wrote Mr. Cantrell. It's time for him to think this through and put the blame where it belongs.

Rebecca Stillwell

Albany (Feb. 7)

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Editor's note: This letter originally ran on Tuesday, but with an incorrect headline. So we're running it again, with the correct headline.