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Let’s be blunt: President Trump is waging war on the environment. One of his first steps in office was to allow lead shot to be used on wildlife refuges (lead shot poisons bald eagles to coyotes). He overturned a rule that limits arsenic and mercury being dumped into “our waterways” (this is from coal waste). His continued support for coal burning gives us mercury in our fish, mountain tops blown off to yield coal and more strip mines.

As he dined on shark fin soup in Asia, his minions (they don’t deserve to be called environmental officials) were discussing allowing elephant and lion trophies to be imported in the United States. He is calling for a copper mine in Alaska adjacent to the biggest sockeye fishery in the world. Twenty-five endangered species were just rejected protection under the Endangered Species Act, he relaxed protection for Yellowstone Grizzly bears and plans oil sales on over 70 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico. I detest the man and his recklessness.

Trump aims to reduce national monument acreage and increase the fee for going into national parks. Hey, Trump: most Americans don’t want public lands opened for more fracking, logging and coal extraction.

I am sickened by his ignorance of science, his desire to privatize public lands and his attack on our wildlife heritage. It is time to amp up our opposition: through lawsuits, protests and a clarion call. We have had enough. We cannot sit back and be numb: Trump is a menace.

John F. Borowski

Philomath (Nov. 25)

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