As I look over the potential Democratic, and in my opinion, anemic list of presidential candidates, I wonder how I will explain to my grandson why our nation will possibly be going to war with Iran before the 2020 election. I will try to explain to him why our nation will be facing a tariff war with China; to then be financed off the backs of the common working class people of our country. These higher costs admittedly will be passed on to the consumer by American businesses.

I will try to explain, ironically, why our current president takes money away from the military and military family housing to build useless walls and subsidize our nation’s increasingly bankrupt farmers. Dare I say “socialism?”

And I will attempt to explain why our current president’s policies are at war with the health of our planet as climate change displaces hundreds of millions of people both here and around the world.

Perhaps my biggest challenge will be to explain to my grandson why 40 million of our nation’s people must face their food security by borrowing money with their credit cards to pay for food or medical costs.

Trump’s latest Make America Great Again plan is to pay farmers to produce food to give away as humanitarian aid while attempting to cut SNAP benefits in our own country. I don’t see the logic in any of the above so, ...

I guess someone has a lot of explaining to do.

Phil Plaza

Alsea (May 13)

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