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When considering how to vote on Measure 101, the voter might want to keep in mind the bonds, measures, and increased utility costs coming our way that will raise our cost of living.

The board of trustees of the Corvallis School District voted recently to submit a bond measure of more than $200 million to the voter. Benton County is completing an assessment of the criminal justice system, which may well result in requests for bonds for a new courthouse and jail. Corvallis is expected to ask the voter to renew the local option levy. Moreover, Corvallis residents are going to have to pay the costs to ensure we cool our sewer effluent sufficiently to meet state requirements.

If the voter is going to have trouble paying for all of these items, the voter will have to choose between them. Looking at the confusing voters pamphlet and all the conflicting statements that have been issued on Measure 101, I, for one, am not sure what is going to happen.

The Oregon powers that be cannot get it through their heads that we do not have an infinite supply of money. Choices have to be made. Vote "no" on Measure 101 and blow a hole in the state budget. Maybe, just maybe, the Legislature might get its act together.

John H. Detweiler

Corvallis (Jan. 9)


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