Letter: We must work now to stop overpopulation

Letter: We must work now to stop overpopulation


Recently, Boyd Wilcox, John Deering, and I have had letters published regarding overpopulation of our human species and its devastating effects to the world, and, ultimately, our own survival. Then today (July 26), there was a report on the Earth's rapid increase in warming over the last 1,900 years, coinciding with the exponential increase in the human population.

So what can be done? Three things:

1. An immediate, highly funded, worldwide birth control education and accessibility program.

2. Removing the tax credit program for couples that birth more than one child, but leaving it in place for those that adopt. We must encourage adoption of children, rather than birthing children.

3. An immediate moratorium on development on undeveloped land. We must not develop even 1 inch of new ground. No more housing starts, roads or buildings forcing other species into extinction. We must only build on already-developed land. We must build up, not out, if we build at all.

Since we need other species for food, water, oxygen, and life itself, we must stop destroying their habitats, and stripping the earth of life sustaining plant life.

When we think of "invasive species," we think of bugs, snakes, and poisonous plants. But the truth is we humans are the most invasive species on Earth. And we invade at our own peril. When too many other species become extinct, we will become extinct. This fact must be faced, and faced immediately.

Mark Weiss

Corvallis (July 26)


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