Robert Mueller shed light on President Trump’s miscreant and brazenly illegal behavior, but his morally spineless supporters, Republicans, are bigger problems, since they enable him.

Republicans now wink at Trump’s racism and go limp on violence against women, gays, and trans folks. They support unchecked greed, me-ism, and cowardly acquiescence in Trump’s vile words and actions, including proposing an evil border wall cutting off migrating animals.

Trump himself needs walls, a jail cell, or to “go back where he belongs” — Russia — with outright dictatorship, a corrupt oligarchy, and where Putin’s political opponents are targeted. Go back, Donald! You don’t belong here! We’re a decent and talented people who respect diversity and love democracy, which you threaten. Seriously, you don’t belong here.

Footnote: Some psychiatrists believe Trump is rapidly mentally deteriorating. We know he constantly lies, is narcissistic, creates delusions, and goes psychotic when challenged.

What then is the fascination with his daily bizarre or derogatory statements? Is the media showcasing mental illness? That is really not a good thing. Or maybe they’re boosting ratings to survive but at the expense of the national psyche?

Trump is not alone in his mental illness. He causes many millions of Americans to experience deep anger or frustration, disabling depression, or general despondency coming from the knowledge our country is coming unhinged under a virtual madman.

This really bothers tens of millions of good, moral Americans, who should get themselves together in all respects and work resolutely to remove this pestilential influence from our midst.

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (July 26)

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