How many conservatives does it take change a light bulb?

None. Conservatives don’t want to change anything, even when they know something no longer works. They love America but their vision of America is based on an idealized past.

How any liberals does it take to change a light bulb?

Too many. Liberals won’t just change the bulb, they will rewire the building, install solar and wind energy, outlaw fossil fuels and nuclear power, redo the nationwide grid. Liberals love America not so much for what it was but what it could be. They want change to make a better life for all.

Will and Ariel Durant wrote "The Lessons of History" and summarized what history hastaught us in various areas.

Conservatives have always wanted to protect their wealth and keep the status quo. They have often used their deity as justify their place. And throughout history, when the conservatives ignore the needs and rights of the masses, there is revolution.

Conservatives point to the economy and how well they are doing. Liberals want equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

So — if only conservatives ruled, it would be a static country with little change — and much dissatisfaction by those left out. Liberals would overturn the status quo and bring about change — often too rapid.

The lesson: Every country or group needs both conservatives and liberals. Liberals are needed to prod the conservatives forward. Conservatives are needed to keep liberals from making breakneck changes.

William H. Reid

Corvallis (Dec. 19)

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