A bumper sticker in the grocery store parking lot: “I don't believe the liberal media.” How did a U.S. citizen whose endearing freedoms are protected by the First Amendment get to that forlorn state? Is it because President Trump says he doesn't believe the liberal media so it must be so? Is anything he doesn't believe “fake news”? Sad.

Consider the source. Trump's aides say he hardly reads anything. So how does he know what's fake news? Answer: He doesn't. He just thinks stuff up based on his gut. When he hears something he doesn't like he simply calls it “fake news” and people like the one with the bumper sticker believe him. But also consider that in the last 995 days, Trump has made more than 13,500 fake and misleading though “fake-newsworthy” claims. That's not fake news!

Question for “fake news” claimers: Do you like your First Amendment rights? How about your right to believe in your god, or not? If Trump said “your god is fake,” would you stop believing? Your right to speak your mind? If Trump said, “you're talking 'fake news," would you agree and shut up? Your right to get together peacefully without police crashing your party? If Trump said, “You can't get together for that purpose,” would you pack up and go home? Your right to petition your government for help? If Trump said, “You can't ask for help repairing your community devastated by a hurricane,” would you say, “OK, my bad” and go home bankrupt? If you say, “No way, Jose,” why would you bash the fact-based press, liberal or conservative, out of hand? Why discount many of the most highly awarded and regarded journalists in the world but believe some of the most deceitful?

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Stewart Holmes

Corvallis (Oct. 21)

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