I wholeheartedly agree with the Aug. 7 letter from Carla Wise. The climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity, and we must get to net-zero carbon emissions by ending our dependence on carbon-based fuels. Ms. Wise expressed her support for H.R. 763, a cap-and-dividend bill, at one of my Corvallis town hall meetings. I would support this bill if the dividend were more progressive. Currently under the legislation, a billionaire who owns three mansions and a yacht gets the same dividend as a family of four living in a 1,200 square-foot home in Springfield.

We must do more than cap carbon emissions. We must innovate and invest in renewable fuels, bolster the resiliency and efficiency of our electric transmission network and electrify much of our transportation system.

Two weeks ago I convened a roundtable on renewable hydrogen and how it can maximize storage of renewably generated power from low-cost solar and wind. As chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I am developing a 21st Century Green Transportation bill that will heavily invest in a decarbonized transportation sector — from electric vehicles to mass transit to carbon-negative roads. Not only will this help end carbon emissions, it will also create thousands of family-wage green jobs. Finally, we must end the $26 billion in federal subsidies that incentivize fossil fuel production.

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I look forward to working with advocates like Ms. Wise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet. We have no time to waste.

Peter DeFazio

Washington, D.C. (Aug. 13)

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