Socialism, smocialism! Conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpsters have reached new lows with their dumbed-down, issue-blurring use of the hot-button term “socialism” to unite under and react like Pavlov dogs, simplifying most political issues into one sound bite.

Incidentally, we have a "socialist Army" with supposedly equal opportunities for promotion. It’s government funded. Too bad. Do conservatives who complain about "socialism" avoid military service and gain nothing from its functions?

Our roads are socialist, too. Do Republicans refuse to drive on the roads in protest of their socialist financing? You wouldn’t get very far.

Also, public schools are socialist, funded by taxes and allowing students opportunities to work hard, learn, socialize, and grow under relatively low or moderately paid teachers and staff. Did President Trump supporters attend public school or send their kids there? If they did, and are avoiding taxes, that’s hypocritical and irresponsible.

Our police departments are also publicly funded. Are they socialist? Do you benefit from their services? If you’re involved in illegal activities, maybe not. Perhaps that is the issue. However, most benefit from police services.

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Fire departments are also tax- and fee-funded. If well-run, people can get rapid assistance from them. Who hesitates to dial 911 when a blaze breaks out? That’s socialism, though. Wouldn't want that.

Social Security is socialist just like the Veterans Administration, food stamps, the Small Business Administration, jails, elections, the darned colleges, records, small claims and…

What part of this socialism thing do you want to give up besides taxes?

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (Aug. 12)

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