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I just read seven letters to the the editor about the homeless shelter issue, all of which were smug and self-righteous. Even Rich Carone was impugned as to his motive. Shame.

These people don’t have a corner on empathy and caring about the plight of homeless people. Just because one doesn’t agree with the downtown site for homeless services doesn’t peg you as “uncaring." It seems in Corvallis that, in general, if you disagree with others who are left-leaning, those opinions are disregarded for the most part.

People have a right to their opinion but they don’t have a right to imply my opinion or others have no validity. Even one of the commissioners who is against the downtown location and voiced her opinion drew audible gasps by the audience. Corvallis people need to get a grip and get over themselves. My goodness, your opinion isn’t the only one that counts.

The north side location has lots of room to provide many more services than the downtown site. Because people with my opinion didn’t or don’t show up to voice opposing views, it results in a void being created for those making important decisions. As a result, opinions not voiced will not be considered. It’s really a shame.

Yvonne Mccallister

Corvallis (July 11)

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