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Mailbag: A pandemic solution

Mailbag: A pandemic solution


Here’s a pandemic solution! Fill a less-utilized resource, mental hospitals, with "new blood." We could commit a crush of overexcited, imbalanced, deceptive and selfish folks there to rest, think and get reeducated holistically, but mostly, distance themselves from the public’s health and the interconnected economy, our social lifeblood.

"Our public health authorities" inflicted us with a narrow-minded, illogical, immune-ignorant, wasteful, unrealistic, fear-driven, nutritionally-deficient, conventional-medical, backwards response to what’s a mild virus for most. Then the authorities led people to "freak out" and approve draconian economic measures that will probably end tens of millions of lives years early just to keep relatively few seniors from possibly dying several months early.

PBS' Judy Woodruff lamented that Africa had only 2,000 ventilators for 100s of millions of people, but isn’t the whole continent of Africa better ventilated? With so few cars, vast expanses of natural territory, people breathing fresh air and walking, aren’t Africans naturally supporting their health and immunity? Isn’t that better than deploying artificial breathing devices in hospitals when someone’s extremely ill? As it is, 80-97% of ventilator cases aren’t ending well.

More positively, African Eliud Kipchoge recently ran a sub two-hour marathon. This achievement should startle the world, take the pandemic’s breath away, and inspire a whole new generation of health-minded, group-oriented, more active people.

Crises produce opportunity. We can focus on eating healthy food, getting needed nutrients, and exercising, boosting immunity and not shirking health, obsessing on illness, and pushing vaccines as false substitutes.

Chris C. Foulke



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