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Mailbag: A sheepish reply to previous letter

Mailbag: A sheepish reply to previous letter


For democracy to work, citizens have to stay informed, discuss issues, and vote. This is increasingly difficult at a time when the president of the country continually puts out false information.

A recent letter to the editor, “Progressives sow seeds of own demise” (Linda Wilson, July 16), attempted to identify various mistakes being made by Democrats. I am a Democrat, and, due to space requirements, wish to respond to just one of the mistakes the writer imagined. She wrote, “Attention, all you sheep: Wear your face mask to bed and die from inhaling carbon dioxide.”

Lots to object to in this statement. Who wears a face mask to bed? Why does carbon dioxide only effect mask wearers in bed? If masks cause problems with carbon dioxide, why aren’t the millions of people worldwide wearing masks suffering? Most importantly, why is wearing a mask even an issue?

I believe the answer to the last question is “the president.” When the virus was just beginning to take hold in our country, there was some confusion on masks, but for three or four months now, virtually all health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the president’s own Pandemic Committee have stated clearly and often, “Wear masks.”

But the president managed to turn not wearing masks into a political statement instead of a health response to the virus. This is why the writer of the letter I referenced refers to mask wearers as sheep. As we pass 75,000 cases per day, stay safe. Baa baa.

Stan Sahnow



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