It is July 3, the eve of Independence Day, and I am going crazy listening to all the hypocrisy the radical far left is spewing. There is a big uproar about President Trump bringing out military equipment. Did they not know that John F. Kennedy actually had a military parade? Colin Kaepernick protests the Betsy Ross flag and gets the whole radical left on board to join the protest. Do they not know that Barack Obama flew two Betsy Ross flags at his inauguration? Do they not know that Betsy Ross was anti-slavery? Do they not know that it was Africans who sold their own African people into slavery?

And the constant attack on Trump is overwhelming. They say he is racist. Do they not know that Rosa Parks admired the work Trump did for majority African American inner cities? She even took a famous picture with Trump. Do they not know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton praised and gave an award to Trump for his work improving the inner city? Do they not know that the African and Mexican American unemployment rate is the lowest in our recorded history?

They say Trump is sexist. do they not know that the female unemployment level is at a historic low or that 60% of new jobs are going to women. Because of Trump policies millions of Americans have been lifted out of poverty and off the food stamp rolls. For the truth, watch Martha MacCallum, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Matthew Goss

Lebanon (July 3)

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