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Mailbag: Attempted coup will harm amendment

Mailbag: Attempted coup will harm amendment


As of Jan. 13, the House was preparing to impeach president Trump again.

Even if Trump and co-conspirators are punished, that doesn’t change the fact that 70 million citizens voted for him. In my opinion, there are two types of Trump supporters: those who stand to gain politically or financially, and those who are easily duped.

We can’t do much about those who value political power/money over democracy and morality.

Maybe we can try to figure out how so many were fooled.

First, we start teaching civics and critical thinking again.

Second, we need to understand: These people actually believe there is a shadow government trying to subvert their rights. This notion is fed by the lies of the president, social media posts that are long on accusation and short on facts, and the likes of Fox News.

A few years ago, Fox won a court case wherein it was accused of lying. The judge didn’t say Fox wasn’t lying. He said no reasonable person should expect the truth from Fox. Yet many still use Fox as their news source.

The Second Amendment was written to protect us from such as shadow governments. But before you commit armed insurrection, check your facts. Sixty-plus court cases asserting stolen election. Yet not one win, even after decades of the right’s stacking the courts. Why? No verifiable facts. This attempted armed coup will do more harm to 2A than all of the liberal politicians for the last 60 years have done.

Frank Lathen



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