Dr. Eby suggests in his letter (Mailbag, Nov. 25), that we would be better off with socialized medical care and education system.

Difficult as it is for this capitalist to say, I agree. In fact, there are many functions of society which would be better done without profit as the primary driver. Law enforcement, the judiciary, health care (including medical and pharmaceutical research), education, transportation, energy, pensions and prisons are some which come to mind. Some of these were once successfully done by the private sector, until profit trumped morality.

What we practice today has nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalism requires competition, not just the appearance of it. It rewards productivity, not position. We haven't done that in decades.

Since so much of American business has become corporate business, the term "business" has become synonymous with immorality. Citizens United aside, corporations are NOT people. They have no conscience. No morality. In fact, most of the incentives for corporate business are centered on the bottom line at the expense of morality.

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It's been reported, some questions on corporate employment forms are the same used to diagnose sociopaths. Corporations do not want employees with compassion for their fellow human beings. That could negatively impact bonuses.

Socialization does not ensure success. It requires active oversight by citizen voters to defend against government corruption.

Frank Lathen


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