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Mailbag: CDC bludgeoned by ignorance

Mailbag: CDC bludgeoned by ignorance

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Ron Garnett’s mixed messages and conflicting ideas run rampant in his letter of Aug. 25.

He immediately states he has the least possible interest in the opinion of others, then proceeds to offer his opinion to others.

He justifies ignoring other opinions by knowing “the” five major lies, which are clearly “his” five major lies. He then “refreshes” us with his exclusive knowledge. “I feel refreshed!” (Sorry, “Blazing Saddles” addict here.)

His five lies say you cannot trust lovers, debtors, those who follow science, our justice system or any government institutions; then he cites Oregon State University, a state institution, as a potential source of help.

He cites “We follow the science” as the saddest and darkest lie, then accuses the followers as being heretical. Speaking out against a religion within that dogma can be heresy, whereas speaking out against hypotheses within science is just more science.

He likens “We follow the science” to saying “God wills it!” He is likening verification or justification to professing or proselytizing.

He then encourages international brainy sorts to herald a true-debate process to access knowledge by gathering here at OSU. Happily, brainy Beaver sorts at the College of Science have been seeking truth for decades. You can trust them!

However, I fully support Garnett’s call for the “true light of knowledge!” Maybe then Oklahomans could buy horse wormer. Seems Fox News is using political-media power to bludgeon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration with ignorance.

Wayne Spletstoser




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