Mailbag: Collateral damage is price of war

Mailbag: Collateral damage is price of war


June Forsyth Kenagy's letter of Nov. 18 (“The Other Side of the Gaza Conflict”) could better have been titled "Just One Side of the Gaza Conflict." It's as if neither she nor the caption writer knows that Gaza terrorists fired over 400 rockets into Israel in 72 hours. Of course Israel responded.

Yes, it is horrible and heartbreaking that women and children are killed because of the war crimes of their government and fellow citizens. Had Palestinian Islamic Jihad not fired rockets into Israel, these women and children would still be alive. But if Gaza insists on starting wars with its neighbor, the least it can do would be to use the tons of concrete and other materials donated to them (and allowed in by Israel – there is no siege, but controlled and inspected entry of goods, for good reason) to build bomb shelters rather than invasive terror tunnels into Israel, thereby protecting their civilians from collateral damage.

Finally, Israeli snipers do not target peaceful demonstrators but people who send incendiary kites and balloons that have destroyed over 7,000 acres of forest and farms in Israel. They also target people who cut the wires of the border fence and attempt to enter Israel to commit murder and mayhem.

These folks hide inside the peaceful demonstrators bused to the border by Hamas, just as the rocket-firers hide among the schools, hospitals and cultural centers of their civilian population.

Rachel Peck



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