Mailbag: Connect with Health Care for All Oregon

Mailbag: Connect with Health Care for All Oregon


It has become more and more evident that the COVID-19 crisis has changed the world. How a particular nation responds to the change should depend on whatever has become the most unworkable part of that nation; the most fragile, dangerous or unjust aspect of human life that up to now was somehow tolerated but in the future will not be acceptable for that nation to continue.

The United States has many deeply rooted problems revealed by the pandemic, including a fragile economy, lack of affordable housing, and of course, a terrible record of racial inequality reaching back decades and centuries. But I suggest the failure of America to provide universal, affordable, accessible health care for all people living and working in this country has been revealed as the biggest problem put under the spotlight over the past few months.

Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs; therefore, tens of millions have lost their health care. Unique among all the industrialized nations of the world, the U.S. has never made the commitment to provide people with a way to a doctor, no matter what their employment or current financial situation. This is doubly harmful with an incurable virus ravaging the country and the world.

Please consider getting connected with Health Care for All Oregon, working to finally bring change to what has been an important missing piece of the American experience.

Ron Green



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