Once again our editor, Mike McInally, has proven never to take anything they say about President Trump at face value. Just like the Russian collusion hoax this paper pushed so hard. Our editor now jumps in on "Sharpie-gate." But true to form he omits information for his left-leaning slant. At the time President Trump tweeted that Alabama was in the projected path of the hurricane. And NOAA released archived projections as proof. So the news digs around and finds some obscure person to disprove NOAA's projections. Just like when the Timber Unity rally was in Salem this summer, the Oregon Department of Transportation shut down the cameras showing the large group showing up for the rally.

Once again this paper shows it will deceive or flat-out lie about this president.

May I suggest McInally do a story on how our senior senator from Oregon serving as a coyote ushering illegals across the border. McInally, you are truly suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.

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Steve Nofziger

Tangent (Sept. 9)

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