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Mailbag: Governments must recognize problem

Mailbag: Governments must recognize problem


We must stop burning fossil fuels immediately!

When fossil fuels are burned, it not only generates heat, but it takes away oxygen required for all living animals, including humans. Any fire converts carbon and oxygen into carbon dioxide and some carbon monoxide, and generates considerable heat. Carbon is also furnished by the forests.

The atmospheric oxygen is being burned up by the 1 billion cars and trucks on the roads today, the increasing wildfires and the coal-fired power plants still being constructed around the world.

Atmospheric oxygen occurs only as a result of plants converting carbon dioxide with sunlight and chlorophyll. The plant life in the world is being seriously reduced by the native populations clearing jungles in South America and Africa. Of more immediate concern is the heat generated by all these fires and the combustion in car and truck engines and power plants.

This heat is causing more intense storms and faster melting of polar ice caps. Witness the record-breaking heat last summer in Europe and Western Australia, and the wildfires this year in California, Oregon and Washington. We can expect stronger wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods throughout the world.

Stop using fossil fuels immediately and convert to electricity. We can build electric-powered cars. We have huge areas of desert that would be ideal for solar farms, and many areas that can be used for wind farms. The world governments must recognize the urgency of this problem and take immediate steps to end the burning of fossil fuels.

Jim Boydston



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