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Mailbag: Guilty or innocent, no gun rights

Mailbag: Guilty or innocent, no gun rights

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Once again Robert B. Harris (April 16 Democrat-Herald) wants to destroy Second Amendment rights irrespective of innocent law-abiding firearm owners who did no harm whatsoever over decades. 

What a concept: Guilty or innocent, he wants no gun rights! 

Once you endorse taking away others’ rights, and convince authorities of your “wisdom,” Mr. Harris, it may come back to bite you too.

Maybe with all the auto deaths, the government could copy your view against guns, and confiscate your car; those things kill people in huge numbers. Ignoring the fact it is a small percentage of drivers who cause the deaths, just like most gun owners do not commit shootings!

(Oops, didn’t mean to confuse with facts!)

And as they open the borders, the Third Amendment prohibits forced housing of others in your home, but if they can eliminate the Second Amendment, why not the Third? They can then force you to take some immigrants or homeless into your house whether or not you consent! Perfect for a person who doesn’t believe in others’ rights! 

And as the politician fools take out dams with powerhouses, they can force you to depend only on solar and wind power. Wow!

I’m sure you will love the concept of expanding your “no rights” desires to include many aspects... and include yourself as recipient, too, Mr. Harris.

Gary Hartman




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