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Mailbag: Have you sown the seeds of violence?

Mailbag: Have you sown the seeds of violence?


“Paramilitary assaults at the direction of Donald Trump and Chad Wolf are nothing more than a catalyst for violence. This administration has no real interest in protecting Americans. Our country needs lasting, peaceful solutions that bubble up from the community.” — Ron Wyden, July 17, Twitter

I read this tweet and similar ones from Sen. Merkley and Rep. Defazio with some disgust that many in Corvallis might not appreciate. First, when did any of us in Corvallis condone organized paramilitary rioters attacking people and property in Oregon? Second, are the rioters defacing property in Portland actual Oregonians seeking peaceful solutions that bubble up from the community? Do any of you think this is community solutions bubbling up?

How does attacking buildings and statues, scaring the hell out of Oregonians, and encouraging gun and ammo sales lessen the spread of COVID-19 and create peaceful solutions? If a group decides to, shall we say, graffiti the Benton County Courthouse, will the response be that of Nancy Pelosi, “People do what people do?”

The riots in Portland have gone on for six-plus weeks. It is clear to me that these groups are having great fun smashing windows and spraying walls. Long ago and long before federal agencies decided to protect federal property in Portland, the catalyst for violence had been sown in city hall. My question for the mayor and City Council is this: Have you sown the seeds of violence here?

Robin Rose



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