Have you heard of health care for all Oregon, single payer, Senate Bill 770? If you have, great. If not, you may want to find out about them.

My wife and I spent $18,286.13 in medical expenses for 2018. How much did you spend? The following are the items that insurance did not pay for that cost us the $18,286.13:

Medicare premiums, supplemental premiums, long-term care premium, eyeglasses, hearing aids, medicine, doctor visits, chiropractor treatment, cataract surgery, hospital stay.

If the state of Oregon had health care for all, those items would be covered according to some people I have talked with. The Oregon Legislature passed SB 770 to determine types of coverage and how much in taxes we would have to pay to have those items. According to advocates the amount of taxes we would have to pay is 10% of our income. That would have saved my family over $12,000 a year if we had it in 2018. I understand that some businesses are now paying 40% for their employees' health coverage.

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When the task force for SB770 finds that it's 10%, why wouldn't anyone want single payer and health care for all Oregon?

Ray Hilts

Albany (Nov. 4)

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