In a country awash in the deadliest weapons, we have seen that no amount of hand-wringing and law-enacting has had the effect of significantly reducing or eliminating the number of people killed by our own citizens. It seems, therefore, that there is a much more deeply ingrained problem that must be addressed, the Second Amendment and its interpretation by the Supreme Court.

We can no longer pretend that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns,” and that the perpetrators of these violent acts of terrorism are mentally ill. We must realize that its time to dramatically reduce the number and type of guns in this nation. It’s well past time that the Second Amendment was repealed and replaced with one that reflects the reality of modern America wherein the “militia” are now terrorist organizations and not necessary for the defense of the country.

Besides the repeal of this amendment, the government must act to prohibit the manufacture, sale, distribution and ownership of all automatic and semiautomatic guns while offering a program to buy back all such guns. If owners are then found to be in possession of them, they would be jailed, and the guns confiscated.

This is not the time for half-hearted measures. Enough is enough. The only way to end the American carnage is through such radical action and the time is now.

Robert B. Harris, Ph.D.

Albany (Aug. 5)

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