So Mr. McInally (MM) finds Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist's comments " send bachelors and come heavily armed — I will not be a political prisoner in Oregon" reprehensible. MM writes those comments fanned flames that need to be cooled. He offers no opinion on the passage of the current cap-and-trade bill, but supports an allowance for an Initiative Petition to overturn the law — all you have to do is collect 160,000 registered voter signatures while fighting those who try to distort the petition's goal. Getting a statewide initiative petition on the ballot is extremely difficult — and MM almost always deems such petitions as unworthy. Thanks, MM, for nothing

What is reprehensible is the whole idea the such a "global warming" bill would have any positive impact at all either here, in the United States, or the world. If we want to reduce carbon in the atmosphere — plant more trees to absorb carbon and harvest downed trees before they release carbon by rotting. Earth satellites show actual greening of the earth; growing more crops to feed people — a good thing. All the hype foisted on the public is fake news by those who want more money. Sen. Gore's predictions have been proven wrong for the last 30 years.

I suggest MM go back to scoring local theater and movies of interest and leave Sen. Boquist to fulfill his obligations as he sees fit.

Tom Cordier

Albany (June 26)

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