Mailbag: It's not the device, it's the person

Mailbag: It's not the device, it's the person


Rick Siegert, in his Aug. 10 letter, asks why the need for firearms shooting 60 rounds in 30 seconds.

No responsible person uses that speed. The gun reloads and recocks; that is the good thing and we can concentrate on learning to shoot accurately without disturbing the alignment every single shot.

If you want to see responsible gun owners, visit the gun range.

Mr. Siegert:

1. Why do modern cars need to go over 100 mph ?

2. Why do computers need to work so much faster than our brains?

3. Why do stores and gas pumps use card readers?

4. Why do some pickups need ladders to get in?

Obviously, humans want this!

Now, ask yourself:

1. Why do some people tailgate?

2. Why do some speed, and drive erratically??

3. Why do some text and use cell phones while driving?

4. Why do some use the internet for pornography, stealing accounts, and learning to make bombs?

5. Why do some use pencils and paper to rob and embezzle?

Obviously it is people doing bad things. The problem is not the device, it is the person.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (Aug. 14)


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