Mailbag: On the Second Amendment

Mailbag: On the Second Amendment


A week or so ago, I received a social media post from some "preserve the Second Amendment" group. It showed a photo of an angry mob coming at the camera with clubs. The caption read, "This is why you need a 30-round clip."

I support the Second Amendment. And if threatened enough, I would use whatever means necessary to defend myself and my loved ones.

While this is certainly a benefit of having the Second Amendment, an honest study of history will reveal, it is not the reason the founding fathers included it in the bill of rights.

There was an incident about a week later which more accurately represents the kind of situation the founding fathers were fearful of when they wrote the Second Amendment. There were unidentified armed troops on the streets of DC. Were they law enforcement, or Trump's version of the Nazi SS? Whatever, they attacked peacefully assembled citizens seeking redress of their grievances, actions granted citizens under the constitution, all so that Trump could have a photo op.

As stated, I support the Second Amendment. But, I'm sometimes reluctant to voice that support. Because, so many who are vocal about their support of the Second Amendment are willing to deny much of the rest of the Constitution. You can't have one without the other. 

Frank Lathen



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