Mailbag: Perkins' beliefs make her scary

Mailbag: Perkins' beliefs make her scary


The Republican voters of Linn and Benton counties have spoken. They chose as their standard-bearer, and opponent for Jeff Merkley, Jo Rae Perkins. Here’s how she celebrated that victory: “Where we go one, we go all,” she says in a Twitter video, brandishing a “#WWG1WG” sticker with the group’s motto in hashtag form. “I stand with President Trump, I stand with Q and the team,” she continues. “Thank you anons and thank you patriots. And together, we can save our republic.”

QAnon is a sweeping far-right conspiracy theory which envisions a secret battle between President Donald Trump and a “deep state” supposedly working to destabilize him. The belief system is stitched together from a series of other conspiracy theories, such as Pizzagate, comprised of often incoherent assertions. For example, QAnon believers often baselessly accuse major Democratic and pop culture figures of being pedophiles and Satan-worshippers. They also believe that a coming event, often referred to as “The Storm,” will leave Trump’s enemies rounded up and tried for their alleged heinous crimes, possibly to be executed or sent to Guantanamo Bay.

She called including her beliefs in her campaign a “highly calculated risk” that’s either “pure genius or pure insanity.” And this is the person Republicans in these counties think will best represent them and their views. That is scary and, in her words, “pure insanity.”

Robert B. Harris, Ph. D.



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